Together to Accelerate the Future

Application deadline for the 2022 challenge has closed. Selected startups for this years challenge will be contacted directly by Unknown Group

This platform is an open call for startups and scaleups worldwide, who have practical solutions to our specific challenges within the domains of Smart Factories, Smart Mobility, Robotics and Advanced Automotive Technology and are as much committed as we are to our society and our planet.
We are looking for equal partners, to together, revolutionize these industries and improve the future living experience for everyone.
We want to see your proof of concept ideas and explore the potential for future collaborations and/or strategic investment.



The domain of Robotics is seeking to develop the next generation of intelligent autonomous robots through the integration of software, hardware and sensors for applications in industrial environments. Relevant technologies include:

  • Carbon Fiber composite 3D printing
  • Smart Gripper Robotics
  • Prognostics and Health Monitoring
  • Factory Logistics Robots


Within this domain, solutions are sought that holistically comprise the factory of the future also known as industry 4.0. Some key technologies that will accelerate the transition to this new era of manufacturing are long-range wireless charging of machinery or AI for defect detection. Relevant solutions include:

  • Defect Detection AI
  • Machine Learning for Co-bots
  • VR Robot Control
  • AI Machine Management
  • Li-fi Communication
  • Long-range Wireless Charging


The domain of Smart Mobility seeks to create a user-centric experience when moving across various platforms, this is achieved by mobility solutions that are able to change their form and function to service user needs. Relevant technologies include:

  • Mobility Insurtech
  • Multi-directional Mobility
  • Storable/Transformable Mobility
  • Interactive Media Systems


This domain targets Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation core business of automotive manufacturing. Therefore the main target startups are innovative component suppliers, sensor manufacturers and new manufacturing technology providers. Relevant technologies include:

  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Integrated Sensor Cleaning
  • Wheel and Tire Innovation
  • New Fastening and Bonding methods
  • Material Forming Innovation
  • Position Sensors
  • Assembly Innovation
  • EV Range Extension (Excluding batteries)
  • Flexible EV/Autonomous Vehicle Frame