Building Innovative Collaborations Together

Hyundai Motor Group is establishing Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICs) to accelerate its innovation efforts for the human-centered mobility ecosystem. HMGICs will be used as a steppingstone for developing new future mobility while collaborating with multiple innovation ecosystems in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) and Kia Corporation (KIA) are on a mission to transform the ecosystem of Smart Factories, Smart Cities, Logistics and Mobility.

At HMC & KIA, we believe innovation happens through active collaboration with startups and scaleups with innovative technologies. For ‘Accelerate the future challenge’, we are looking for startups with a mission to make a global impact by delivering their technologies and accelerate the transition to new technologies faster and better.

Are you ready to change the future?

Together we can work towards a global-sized impact. You can apply to one of the challenges for Smart Cities, Smart Factories, Logistics and Mobility, and take advantage of everything that Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation can offer. The best solutions will potentially engage in a proof of concept or pilot program with HMC & KIA and one of their business units!

Innovate together

Find your challenge within one of these three themes

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation are taking one step further into building a Human Centered Urban Society. We are striving to create smart cities with an improved living experience for everyone. We are looking for technologies that present solutions to urban problems involving transportation, housing, and the environment. For us, a Smart City should be able to offer a convenient and comfortable life with key 4.0 Industry technologies like autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, 5G telecommunications, and data analysis.

We want to bring revolution to production and manufacturing processes, not only to free more time and capital for development but as well to help engineers focus their efforts on building better and higher quality products for our consumers, at reasonable prices. Together, we can transform this industry, rendering it more efficient and economical by incorporating new technologies to deliver increased satisfaction and value for future consumers.

Together, with Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation we can redesign the concept of mobility & logistics. We want to offer seamless mobility to people, allowing them to spend less time on tedious activities like commuting or looking for parking to instead, benefit from more quality time. As well, we are working to make supply chains more effective and efficient by optimizing each step of the way.

“We are glad to be working together with Unknown Group on our latest Global Acceleration Program. We look forward to discovering amazing startups within the Smart Factory, Smart City, Logistics & Mobility sectors. And foster potential new innovative partnerships together.”

Dr. Yunseong Hwang, VP of Open Innovation Investment Group

Innovation happens through collaboration