Application deadline for the 2022 challenge has closed. Selected startups for this years challenge will be contacted directly by Unknown Group

Building Innovative Collaborations Together

After a successful previous edition, HMC & KIA envision a new future where human dreams come true.
Once again, Accelerate the Future Challenge is looking for visionary ventures worldwide, to partner up.

At Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation, we believe that innovation happens through collaboration, and together, we can accelerate and improve the transition to new technologies, processes, ideas, or services.
If you have a solution that you want to deliver at scale and have a global impact, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you ready to change the future?

Together we can work towards a global-sized impact. You can apply to one of the challenges for Smart Factories, Smart Mobility, Robotics and Advanced Automotive Technology and take advantage of everything that Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation can offer. The best solutions will get a chance in a proof-of-concept or pilot program with HMC & KIA and one of their business units!


"Being part of the Accelerate the Future Challenge gave us the opportunity to speak directly to the relevant key experts in our client’s organization. Identifying these contacts from the outside would have taken us months. The fruitful conversations started right to the point!"

Dr. Ole von Seelen, Head of Business Development & Strategic Marketing, trinckle


"The Accelerate the Future Programme has been incredible and was an amazing way for our team at Augmentus to validate the value of no-code robotics within automotive applications. Being able to speak directly with experts in the industry was very rewarding and it helped us improve our core product."

Daryl Lim, co-founder of Augmentus


"With Hyundai and Kia's mission to drive global disruptive innovation, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our Accelerate the Future Challenge Vol.2 this year. Through this program, we will expand our global open innovation initiatives and explore further opportunities to collaborate with innovative startups."

Dr. Yunseong Hwang, VP of Open Innovation Investment Group

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